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Technical parameters of the CNC machines at the production halls in Teplice (more at Technical Information) shift our offer of machined metallurgical products to a brand new quality level. Technical capabilities and flexibility of our CNC machines enable execution of a vast number of 3D shapes while achieving the maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Look at the video from Teplice production plant.

Výroba Teplice - Video

Direct connection between designer and the production line, optimization of specified product parameters and on-line data transmission directly into the machines substantially simplify and accelerate the entire production process.
Favorable Price and Flexible Lead Times

In combination with our own inventory of metallurgical materials, we can offer products that are advantageous not only by their technical design and quality parameters but also by their price and lead times.


Broad Area of Application

Areas of application of our products comprise parts and components of steel structures, various hall types, products for metallurgical production, as well as technological units. Thanks to our technical possibilities, we can thus optimize, manufacture, and supply a product that fully satisfies the requirements of the broadest possible spectrum of customers.

Why to choose our metallurgical products?
  • We have immense possibilities in the area of 3D technologies
  • We have a long-term experience in the field of optimization and supply of products for various industrial sectors
  • We offer highly efficient and complex services supported by our internal technical background and material inventory (optimization and production)
  • Each individual project receives our full attention and we build on long-term mutually advantageous cooperation

Should you be interested in more details, please e-mail or call:
Ing. Ivan Šulc
Tel.: +420 244 015 510
Mobile: +420 722 918 241
E-mail: sulc(at)

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